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We provide personal care assistance (PCA) and home making (HMK) services for people who are elderly, who have disabilities or need extra help inside their home. We trained our employers to be at their best when they’re doing their jobs.

Our services are available for you whenever you want it. Humane Home Care Services, Inc. has your best interest at heart and we do all within our capacity to keep you healthy as you remain at home.

Some services that we provide are:

Our personalized home care services at Humane Home Care Services, Inc. are designed to attain the best of health for our clients and give peace of mind to their loved ones.

We can provide services at a predetermined schedule or upon request 24/7. We can easily arrange for health services to clients living metro area. For clients who are interested to know more about our services, call 651-646-1071 to talk to our care coordinator.

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